Wondaleaf Flat Dressing

An ultra-thin, breathable, and really aesthetic dressing

Pick a Size

Wondaleaf Flat Dressing (GA2503021-58882) is a film dressing that provides compression for superficial or closed wounds, and can also be used as an all-purpose mechanical barrier. It is waterproof and has a high moisture vapour permeability to help prevent the accumulation of perspiration and fluid under the dressing. The film is highly conformable and extensible to increase user comfort. It is available in several sizes:

– 10cm x 2.5cm

– 10cm x 30cm

– 10cm x 10m

Ultra Thin

Wondaleaf Flat Dressing is thin (0.01mm) to prevent the edges from rolling up. Its surface has a matte texture, making almost invisible once applied.

Wondaleaf Flat Dressing

Ultra-thin, breathable, and really beautiful.

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