Wondaleaf Cap

Erection Independent, Free Size Condoms

A revolutionary design

Maximize that feeling

Wondaleaf Cap is an adhesive external condom, making it erection and size independent. It is also extremely thin and durable, making it one of the best feeling condoms you’ll ever use. 

Wondaleaf Cap

Wondaleaf Cap is no ordinary condom. You do not need an erection to make it stay, it is free-size, and it is loose fitting, so it is not constraining like a condom. 

It is the first ever condom that allows you to put on in anticipation, to have full foreplay, orgasm, full afterplay and removal on the morning after, all with a single act of sticking it on. 

Watch the instructional video here on how to deploy Wondaleaf Cap. 

Let Wondaleaf Cap stay with you, whether you are UP or DOWN!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • You do not need an erection to put Wondalaef Cap on or make it stay. So you can be prepared in anticipation, take your time and avoid the interruption of intimacy later. There is also no need for you to withdraw immediately at ejaculation. In fact, you might very well keep it on after that to make sure all secretions are completely drained. Wondaleaf Cap enables you to complete the whole cycle of sexual response from start to finish without interruption!

  • It is only 0.02mm thick, which is thinner than most condoms, to give you better sensation and heat transfer.

  • It is non-latex polyurethane, so there is no odor, no bitter taste, and no issues with allergy.

  • If you have a proper foreplay with your partner with Wondaleaf Cap on, you probably do not need any lubricant at all. However, we believe all penetration should be painless for her, that is why we included the lubricant in the packaging, just in case. Also, if you find putting on Wondaleaf Cap too difficult, you may add a drop of lubricant into the Cap to aid sliding the penis into it.

  • This is the most crucial part of deploying the Cap. You should only remove the papers when the glans penis is completely inside the pouch. Add a drop of lubricant if needed to help it glide into the pouch. Retract the foreskin and remove the papers and stick the flaps onto penile shaft.

  • The hair entrapment is a common problem with all condom deployment. You will get some hair trapped during the process. To minimize that you can draw the foreskin up, as you would with the regular condom,  as you stick the flanges on. Make sure that you release every trapped hair after that. Watch the instructional video above for a guide on how to deploy Wondaleaf Cap. 

  • When you are done for and ready to remove the Cap, you can do an efficacy test in the toilet by simply urinate into it. A bulging condom with a good seal all around and no leakage of urine would indicate a good performing Cap. To date, there are no other contraceptive methods that can give you such an immediate feedback and peace of mind! 

Wondaleaf Cap

No amount of text can properly encapsulate the premium feeling of a 20μm condom, or not having to park at the condom aisle in the convenience shop looking for the right size. The only way to experience it is to put one on!