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Empowering Women

Wearing an internal condom does not have to be difficult or unattractive. Wondaleaf’s revolutionary new design takes the frustration out of using internal condoms so users can feel safer and sexier. Check out a recent study comparing Wondaleaf with another internal condom here.

Wondaleaf for Women

Wondaleaf is the first unisex adhesive condom in the world, so please spend some time to familiarize yourself with it so that you can enjoy its benefits fully. Please also visit this particular page from time to time, as we will be constantly updating the page whenever more research data and users’ feedback become available. Please follow the instruction video as shown.

A contraception for everyone

Unisex condoms made easy

Whenever you’re in doubt when getting a condom, or whoever it’s for, you can’t go wrong with Wondaleaf. 

Wondaleaf for Men

Wondaleaf is a unisex condom, which means you can use it as an external or internal condom. The beauty of Wondaleaf on a man is apart from offering a comprehensive protection, it won’t come off even if the penis is not erected.

The lubricant inside the inverted pouch will also ensure that the pouch clings onto the penis regardless of its degree of erection, therefore allowing the user to put it on before the intended sexual encounter. It is to be emphasized that the outside of the pouch needs to be well lubricated at penetration.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Squatting down with your thighs apart would be the most practical approach as you will need access to your perineum (pelvic floor area).

  • The cotton pad serves two purposes: first, it is used as a retention unit to keep the pouch inside vagina so that the pouch will not follow penis’s withdrawal. Other retention units may be used, such as a ring or a piece of sponge ( as in the case of female condoms). The second purpose is to act as a cushion to prevent your fingernail(s) from damaging the thin membrane during insertion.

  • There are two ways to go about this. First is to remove it and reapply a new one later on if needed.

    The other method is deployed Wondaleaf over your underwear so that it sticks onto your underwear instead of your skin. For woman user, create a hole in your panty and deploy Wondaleaf over the panty, with the pouch inserted through the hole into the vagina to allow coitus. For man user, expose penis through the hole on underwear and deploy Wondaleaf over the penis and the underwear as stated in the instruction manual. In both cases, you will need to readjust the pouch at putting on the underwear following urination or defecation.

  • Yes. Both during insertion of Wondaleaf and during sexual intercourse. Without lubricant, the insertion may be painful, and without enough lubricant (in most cases 2 to 3 drops are all you need) your partner may break the pouch membrane during penetration.

  • Water, silicone or oil-based lubricants may all be used with Wondaleaf. We prefer hand lotion or cream as it lubricates without the awkward stickiness while nourishing the skin. Furthermore, most girls/ladies carry it in their handbags. Wondaleaf is supplied with water-based lubricant. Please use about a third at deployment and the rest for penetration. The lubricant can also be rubbed on pubic hair if you need to reduce the stickiness of the shield.

  • Simply apply the lubricant at the opening of the pouch when you are ready for penetration. Do not insert anything sharp, whether your fingernail or lubricant applicator, into your vagina once the pouch is in place or you may risk breaking the ultra-thin membrane.

  • It depends on how hairy you are. Wondaleaf has been designed with an extended front portion for this reason. If your pubic hair extends above your bikini line, we recommend you do not modify the front portion and ensure that it attaches to an area of relatively hair-free skin. If you are not particularly hairy, you can unfold the front portion to trim it to your desired length, then re-fold it up to be used.

  • By virtue of its functionality, removing Wondaleaf can be painful as it sticks firmly both onto the skin and pubic hair. If you are not particularly hairy and you do not find removing Wondaleaf from your skin painful, you can remove it from the back to the front to minimize discomfort. In most cases, as shown in clinical trials, the removal is not painful. One explanation is that the perspiration during sexual activity can reduce the stickiness of the film.

    On the other hand, if you are worried about the painful removal of Wondaleaf from your skin, rubbing the skin and pubic hair with a thin layer of body lotion or lubricant prior to the deployment can help to reduce the stickiness and thus ease its later removal.

    In special situations where you only want Wodaleaf to stick onto your skin but not pubic hair ( such as engaging in aquatic activities or for menstrual control),  you can apply body lotion or provided lubricant prior to the deployment on a small comb and comb the pubic hair, so that only the pubic hair will not stick onto Wondaleaf.

  • To give yourself a peace of mind, after removing Wondaleaf from your body, you may pour water into the pouch to make sure that there is no leakage. Logically, as long as Wondaleaf does not leak or break, it should be effective in preventing pregnancies and disease transmission.

  • Wondaleaf is registered as a Class C medical device with Malaysian Medical Device Authority for the prevention of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

  • Human reproduction is an integral part of humanity, but mainly because of unintended pregnancies and STIs, it has become a social, traditional, cultural, ethical, economic, legal, religious, medical and even emotional minefield. Wondaleaf is invented as a solution for, rather than a cause of, promiscuity.

  • Of course! The way to do it is by inserting two fingers into the pouch, grasp the closed end and invert the pouch inside out.

    Apply two drops of lubricant (water or oil based) into the inverted pouch and spread the lubricant to expel all the air inside. Don the inverted pouch onto penis (which does not need to be erected), making sure that the tip of pouch touches the head of the penis and the base of pouch rests on the base of the penis.

    Once again expel the trapped air. Pull off the pouch covers to adhere the shield onto pubis in the front and scrotum at the back. You may want to rub a thin layer of lotion onto your pelvic area and pubic hair beforehand to ease removal of Wondaleaf later on.


Feel the difference of Wondaleaf – the softness of the material, the heat transfer, the 20μm, and the sexiness of the adhesive design. Experience why academics and users say Wondaleaf is a premium condom!