Wondaleaf Aziel Menstrual Tube

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Wondaleaf Aziel is the world’s first menstrual tube that acts as a conduit for menstrual blood directly from the body into the toilet bowl. We hope this can allow people to menstruate without having to remove and replace a menstrual device every time they want to empty it.

The Menstrual Tube acts as a menstrual collector for storing and draining menses that can hold the blood securely for up to 8 hrs. It comes with a long tube that can drain the blood directly from the body, leaving no mess during removal. Simply untwirl the tube, place the open end into the toilet, and untwirl it to release blood into the toilet bowl.

Each pack contains 2x Wondaleaf Aziel Menstrual Tubes, 1x pouch, and 1x applicator.