Having coffee in bed when you wake up in the morning is like heaven on earth. But does your partner feel the same way when it comes to sex? Is it true that caffeine can dampen your sex drive?

The Effect of Caffeine Towards Men

It is discovered that men who consumed approximately two to three cups of coffee, which is between 85-170 milligrams, per day tend to have fever problems in ‘getting up’ or feel the impact of erectile dysfunction! This fact can be backup by a study conducted by the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston which claims that coffee can be a real help to those experiencing erectile dysfunction as it affects the body’s blood flow.

Some experts even added that caffeine triggers a pharmacologic avalanche that leads to the relaxation of cavernous smooth muscle, therefore, helping those with erectile dysfunction. In addition, coffee contains copious amounts of erection-friendly polyphenols, that may possibly increase testosterone, thus, enhancing blood flow to the penis.

However, men that were diagnosed with type 2 diabetes don’t really get to enjoy the benefits of coffee compared to the general male population. Diabetes is a major element in causing erectile dysfunction. This is mainly because diabetes interferes with blood sugar levels, which in turns frazzles the adrenal glands, causing a whack in the hormones. 

The Effect of Caffeine Towards Women

In 2006, an experiment was conducted in which female rats were given caffeine shots, and results showed that the female rats with caffeine shots were specifically looking to mate again,  as they went back to the male rats for a another round of sex! You may be thinking, “rats and humans are different.” That’s true, but the psychology of how sexual encounters occur for both rats and humans are similar. In another research done by the University of Texas, Austin, focused on how caffeine might affect the level of arousal for women. Participants’ (women) physical state of arousal before and after consuming caffeine were measured, while in the presence of an erotic stimulus. Findings showed that caffeine has stimulant properties that cause a rise in heart rate and blood pressure, which in turn may help in facilitating genital arousal. Both research supports the theory that caffeine may boost women’s sex drive. Nevertheless, this does not imply that coffee is a love potion. The effects of caffeine on sex drive seems to not have the same results  towards women who are heavy coffee drinkers.

Coffee is one of the highest consumed psychoactive substance. When consumed in moderation, it may work wonders – improving your mood, cognitive function, memory, boost energy levels and might even give you and your partner a smashing experience in bed! Nonetheless, not everyone responds to caffeine the same way – there is a different response to caffeine by each person that is influenced by age, genetic make-up, and drinking habits – which is why it is important for you to know how your body reacts to it.