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“This new design performed well compared to FC2 with lower condom clinical failure and higher acceptability and preference.”

What the Experts Think

  • "Wondaleaf may be the ideal contraception that can revolutionize sexual and reproductive health."

    Sabaratnam_Arulkumaran 2
    Professor Sir S Arulkumaran
    Past President, Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists, UK
  • "Wondaleaf is a significant improvement over the current barrier and other methods of contraception... This new product should make a positive impact on our needs for Malaysia and for other countries." 

    A Matthews
    Dato' Dr Alex Matthews
    Past President, Obstetric & Gynecological Society of Malaysia


A unisex, adhesive regional barrier condom


Impossibly Thin

At only 20μm, it is as thick as two red blood cells.

Regional Protection

Protecting the whole groin area from fluid & contact.


Wondaleaf may be thin, but it is strong and waterproof.

Wondaleaf Cap™

An ultrathin adhesive external condom 

Impossibly Thin


Erection Independent

It seals and covers the tip with an adhesive film.

Free Size

And it fits better than a glove.