Wondaleaf Adhesive Pouch

The next generation in wound care

A temporary skin to cover wound sites

A revolutionary new wound dressing

As the world’s first and only 3D Transparent film dressing, Wondaleaf Adhesive Pouch would be able to overcome the transparent film dressing issues of any three dimensions surfaces and joints of our body, such as limbs, digits and penis. These regions are notoriously difficult to apply transparent film dressing or to waterproof. By providing a breathable waterproof dressing over these body regions, Wondaleaf Adhesive Pouch can provide a sterile dressing environment that lasts for days to promote optimal wound healing. 



Wondaleaf Adhesive Pouch (WLAP) acts as a barrier against contamination and infection – from both inside and outside WLAP.


For extended wear, only a single dressing is needed for the whole healing process as long as the seal on the skin is intact.


To check on the wound without removing the dressing. All the current dressings need painful removal to check on the wound.

Non-adhesive Pouch (I)

This allows for contour dressing (on joints, limbs, penis, nipple etc.), and as there is zero pressure on the wound surface, it will not stick to the wound. 

Non-adhesive Pouch (II)

The pouch also acts as a receptacle for exudates, a reservoir for topical medications, or potentially a space for biological wound debridement (leeches, maggots etc.).

Other features

It can also be connected to a suction, with or without a filter/sponge. It can also be used as an umbilical pouch, faecal retention unit (for the prevention of faecal contamination at perineal surgery) or as a colostomy bag. 

Instructional Video

In this demo, we will show you how to apply Wondaleaf Adhesive Pouch following a male circumcision procedure. Follow the instructions carefully to ensure Wondaleaf Adhesive Pouch is applied correctly!

Frequently Asked Questions

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