Wondaleaf Cap Condom

Thinner and safer than your average external conodm

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Maximize that sensation

No more slippage

The regular external condom stays on the penis using elasticity. This means that the user has to constantly maintain his erection in order to make sure it stays on. However, as Wondaleaf Cap’s adhesive portion sticks to the penile shaft, it is not prone to slippage! It is made from ultra-thin polyurethane (0.02mm thin!) so you can maximize that sensation without worrying about it falling off.

Instructional Video

In this demo, we will show you how to apply Wondaleaf Cap Condom on a male user. Follow the instructions carefully to ensure Wondaleaf Cap Condom is applied correctly!

Frequently Asked Questions

Now Available in Malaysia

Wondaleaf Cap Condom is now available for sale on Lazada! Click on the button below to access our Lazada Store where you can find our online store, and more information regarding the product, as well as packing and shipping information.